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Know what are the advantages of having LED headlights

LED headlights are rising in the popularity charts. Car manufacturers, as well as car owners, are opting for LED headlights. There are many reasons behind this. We will try to see what are the advantages of having LED headlights to understand this trend better. A few of these benefits are given below.

Easy to install

This is a very important advantage. Almost anyone can install LED headlights in their car. There is no need to call a mechanic or do some major rewiring. This also means that very little effort is required. In case you are still not comfortable, just go to any mechanic, I Need Bright Lights in my car that is all that is required. This clearly indicates that replacing your low-quality bulbs with LED lights will not be an expensive affair.

Last longer

2The LED headlights last much longer than normal halogen lamps. In fact, they last for nearly the lifetime of the car. This means that once you have put these LED lights, you do not have to worry about their maintenance at all. This is another major advantage of these lights. Besides cost, it will save you on time and effort too. This means that in the long run, it is better to have these LED headlights.

Low operating costs

It is much cheaper to operate these LED headlights. One is because they last longer, and the other is because they are more efficient. Hence you are able to save much more while using these headlights.

Better quality of light

The LED headlights provide white and clear light. Hence there is a less blinding effect on the driver coming from the other side while you get better illumination too. This is not like the warm or fluid yellow light that you get from halogen lamps. Rather, this is clearer and hence much better for your vision as a driver. Hence you would be much safer when you drive with these LED headlights.

Saving on fuel

3These lights are more efficient. Hence they require less fuel consumption. This may appear like a minor thing to you right now. But if you consider this in the long run, you would realize that it will have major benefits in the long run. Besides, this will also lead to you doing your bit for the environment by consuming less fuel.
Do note that this list is not comprehensive. Install LED headlights to know the other advantages!


Buying A Motorbike Compared To Buying A Car

buyIs it better to buy a car or a motorbike?

I’m going to answer that question in a short while. It is true that cars look presentable, but motorcycles are far more advantageous than them.

In my own experience, if you are attracted to bikes, there is every possibility that you will appreciate cars. Cars bring comfort but again when you are investing, it’s important to look beyond comfort.

The intention of this write up is to convince you that the advantages of buying motorbikes supersede those of buying a car. Below are the details;

    1. 1. Space– Three to four motorbikes can fit in a space that can be occupied by a single car. If you have a small garage, motorcycles are better options.
    2. 2. Gas usage– Cars use more gas as compared to motorcycles- motorcycles can use a gallon in every 30 miles. Cars use up to three gallons in every thirty miles.
    3. 3. Performance– Motorcycles can outperform cars. If you purchase a conditioned motorcycle and maintain it properly, it will give you better services as compared to a car

  1. 4. Maintenance– It is possible to rebuild a motorcycle if you are mechanically inclined as it does not require too much body work.
  2. 5. Cost– Motorcycles cost far much less. Even collectors and classic bikes can be purchased at the same price as that of a used car; the cost of maintenance is also cheaper. At times an insurance for a motorcycle costs less as compared to a car
  3. 6. Safety– Motorbike riders are much safer as they cannot use their phones to text while riding
  4. 7. Fresh air– Motorbike riding is enjoyable; one accesses the real fresh air while riding. You can smell the real pine trees and not a pine shaped scent of a deodorizer that is always placed on mirrors of cars. Most motorbike riders attest that motorbike riding is fun.
  5. 8. Balance and coordination– Motorbike riding gives you balance and coordination. Clutch and brake levers for the hands, shift and break gears for the feet. It is easy to learn how to balance at slower speeds
  6. 9. Cleaning– It is much more easier to clean a motorcycle as the space to buy2manage is always much less
  7. 10. Resale value– Most bikes will mostly retain their resale value as compared to cars since they do not rack much more miles as compared to cars

Is it better to buy a car or a motorbike? I’m pretty sure that I answered that question. Thank you.